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It's the 4th teenage take over

Hello all… it’s the beginning of the month and that mean it’s time for the teenagers to takeover again. We’ve tried something a bit different today, for two main reasons; we like videos and we think more people will watch this than read 500-700 words. Plus we don’t have to write the words. Win win. 

In the video we see how communication down the line gets confuddled. And turns a pristine message (I don’t think Jess is doing art so maybe not that pristine!) into a jumbled mess that not even all of the pros can decipher.

Thinking about the end user

We might not be the intended end consumer of pensions communications but we have been reading a few. We’ve seen that even the hero Martin Lewis sometimes creates mind boggling communications when he’s trying to make things clearer for all as we saw on this slide.

We didn’t understand half the words in this slide (we’ve covered this before) and we think that our video, which just have been a lockdown game we all played shows just how easy it is to turn something you think is simple into a jumbled mess for the end receiver. Enjoy and please do let us know what you think. 

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