Defining your goals,  messaging and markets are vital to ensure you really make the most of every interaction with your customers. We’ll delve deep to explore your aims, audiences and competitors. Then we’ll help you develop your strategic marketing plan, creating a wave you can ride to achieving your goals.



From long haul holidays to pensions – the principles of marketing and effective communications are exactly the same. For every project, whether a strategic marketing campaign to deliver revenue or a member communications project to change behaviour, I look holistically at all the elements to ensure messaging lands effectively and objectives are achieved.

Marketing is the glue that holds stretching business development targets, brand values and communications together. It infiltrates every nook and cranny of a business and success is about being right down in the detail whilst maintaining a helicopter view of the business, competitors and the wider industry.

Define yourself

You need to be clear on your brand, your messaging and your ambitions. It’s all in the prep! We’ll get to understand how you enrich your customers lives, and then we’ll help you shout it from the mainmast!

Together we’ll…

Understand your objectives

Analyse what you already have

Define your purpose

Build your brand values and awareness

Engage and enthuse your customers

Keep you ahead of the competition

Understand your customers

By learning about your customers and what’s important to them you can make the most of how your product or service adds value. As a result, you'll understand what your customers like, want and need - so you can talk to them in a way that’ll peak their interest.

We’ll help you build customer profiles. To do this we'll tap into the pool of knowledge held by key people within your team to learn as much as we can about your customers. We’ll also add our reservoir of industry experience and we can support you with direct customer research. 

Get to know the competition

Understanding who’s in your market is key to defining your value proposition. You need to know what you have that the other fish in the sea don’t. And what they have that you don’t. It’s all about finding your strategic angle to understand (and maybe even muscle in on) the competition.

Analysing the market, competitor initiatives, marketing and share of voice is useful. These activities can help with gap analysis and defining the core benefits and differentiators of your services. Helping you to stand out.

Build a marketing plan

You’ve charted the waters – you know your core messages, you understand your customers and competitors. Now it’s all about creating a strategic marketing plan which puts all that knowledge to work. Getting your messages out there isn’t as simple as it seems – without a strategy it’s like Spear fishing instead of casting a net!

We’ll look at all the different channels open to you, and develop a comms plan which utilises the right messages in the right places for the right audience.



Jonathan Stapleton

Karen has a strong understanding of the pensions market and is able to deliver clear, concise messages to the industry’s audiences. In addition, she has a good relationship with the media and is a pleasure to work with – a very strong ambassador to any brand lucky enough to work with her.

Jonathan Stapleton
Editor-in-Chief, Professional Pensions
Catherine Lewis

I worked with Karen for a challenger pension company who took a large share of the automatic enrolment market. She is an excellent strategic marketer, totally customer driven whether through a B2B or D2C medium. Always driven by the end customer and making their relationship and journey with a business as easy as possible. I would definitely work with Karen again and hope I will do soon again.

Catherine Lewis
Director, CJL Marketing
Matt Dodds

Karen doesn't play at marketing - if she's involved, it's authentic, considered and impactful. She combines her experience across the breadth of the pensions world with her pure marketing acumen, which in itself is a rare combination. Add to that an unwavering passion for focussing on benefits to the audience, and the result is high quality content that consistently hits the mark.

Matt Dodds
Director, ITM
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