MarComms Fit

Effective marketing is like spinning plates – you need to keep it all moving

Throughout January we've been running our MarComms Fit program, sharing our knowledge on how you can get your marketing and communications fit for the future. And this page has all the useful bits in one place...


All about looking at what content you already have, understanding your audience, and mapping all the touchpoints along your customers journey.


Focus on setting goals, defining and refining your brand and the key benefits you bring to your customers. Look at your messages with fresh eyes and consider whether they’re still relevant. 


Campaigns can focus your efforts in specific areas, to specific audiences using the variety of channels available. Using and measuring results can provide valuable insight into your customers.


You need a regular stream of interesting and valuable content to keep your customers engaged. Recycling content from campaigns and long-form copy can provide evergreen content year-round.

Building a marketing strategy

In reality, these things don't work in sequence

You need to find a balance between them all, and keep everything going at the same time. Following our steps can get you on track and thinking about where you might need to focus your attention.

Creating a holistic approach to marketing and communications

The key to a winning and relatable strategy is to look at your marketing bases holistically. That’s focusing on your high level, macro-objectives whilst being in the detail of your micro deliverables. It can sound all a bit preachy, idealist and unachievable – in reality you have balancing budgets and juggling resources to contend with – we get it! But the trick is to break everything down into manageable sections.

Here’s an overview of touchpoints for you to consider – of course there’s more than this – like measuring, monitoring, reporting, budgeting, resourcing etc. But understanding how everything connects and works together helps you deliver value.


Your brand is bigger than any individual product or service – your brand makes you memorable and creates expectations, it brings everything to life. The consistency created by brand is what makes you believable.


Use your content to answer questions and drive conversations. Content marketing places you firmly as the expert and aims for continual reach and engagement. When consistently done well, your content will drive the top of your sales funnel without a sales pitch.


Short sharp bursts of focused marketing activity across multiple channels – and probably where your sales team will want to be most involved! With one desired action promoted across your campaign these are one of the most measurable areas of marketing.


Your operational communications really build your reputation, and your reputation feeds your brand. Whizzy marketing will create engagement, but this is about ongoing delivery and customer satisfaction. Consistency in your messaging, language and layout is only part of it – ease of interaction and timing are also key.   


Your website, social media, search engine optimisation, pay per click, analytics and interactive content all need to hang together to maximise your online presence. But much like your operational communications – make the journey and experience easy for your customers. Using the tools and interactions between different digital channels can create a very effective marketing journey.

Planning your marketing communications mix

What if it's still too big to tackle?

You might be struggling with how to begin, where your time and budget is most wisely invested, and how to create plans and put them into action. If you're not a marketer, it can be quite overwhelming! And even as a marketer, sometimes there just isn't enough hours in the day!

We love planning, but we can also relate to the pressures of delivery. 

We'd like to help you. Just drop us a line, we can have a chat and help you work out the best way forward.

Here's the thoughts and resources we've shared throughout MarComms Fit

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