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A national pensions campaign for the masses

Mum has just been talking about this national campaign to get people talking about pensions, apparently this is a big deal. So, she asked me… the trendy fourteen year old that I am, what I think about pensions… here goes:

Do I know what a pension is?

The only reason I know anything about pensions is because my mum often talks to me about how I need this knowledge for the future as it will “help me in life”. Yeah right. Like I need to worry about this now! She talks about investments and knowing what my money is invested into and what it goes toward. I mean it kinda sounds important but also really complicated. And there is an entire industry devoted to this, so why do I need to worry?

What do I think when I hear the word pension?

When I hear the word pension I think of old people. The kind that look like they should have seen the dinosaurs go extinct (talking to you, Nan). I mean a pension for me is like 5x forever away. My mum tells me it’s closer than I think. But so what if it is only 2.3x forever.

Would me and my friends ever talk about pensions?

Wouldn’t be caught dead doing that. At least not when there is new meta in Clash Royale. I still can’t believe they buffed mirror. It was perfectly balanced. However if we were discussing pensions I would assume it would contain many google searches to keep the conversation going, then we’d get a TikTok alert and start chatting about something funny, real and interesting.

What do I think about retirement?

Think of a big number. Now, add 10 to that number next, multiply the number by 4.6 then, cube it finally, add 1 billion to it. I think that’s a realistic timeframe for when I’ll really start thinking about retirement. 

Why would I think about a pension now?

Because I would be proactive by looking into the distant future. My proactiveness is what I’m known for in the household.

What would I do to get younger people interested in pensions?

Tell them there’s free money in it that usually peaks someone’s interests, if that doesn’t work then tell them it can help save the environment. If they are still not interested they probably aren’t listening or have been living under a rock and have no clue about the clear and present danger facing the planet.

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