Content which connects – gets people thinking, builds rapport, empathises with wants and needs – that’s our specialism. Technical doesn’t need to be dull, complex doesn’t need to be mind-boggling, marketing doesn’t need to be salesy.

Message development

It’s easy to get caught up in why you’re a great catch – but you already love your brand! Getting customers to buy your ideas, products and services requires content which really connects. It's all about them – what they want and need – even if they don’t know it yet!

That’s where we come in. We’ll clarify your technical jargon and develop the ideas which will entice your customers and grow your brand.

In practice, when we work on your content writing we’ll…

Develop your brand story

Create a messaging matrix you can re-use again and again

Bring your best features to the surface and find creative ways to make them sparkle

Creative campaigns

For one-off projects, propositions or initiatives, or for a jump-start and a new approach to ongoing themes, you need content that flows, that is joined together fluidly but which can also hold its own, on its own.

We’ve worked on campaigns which encompass the full range – with email funnels, leaflets, landing pages and web copy and printed and digital guides and booklets to tie it all together. We’re campaign-focused, but we also want you to have content you can use and repurpose over and over again in a rolling cycle - so our content writing gives you value for money.

Technical copy

Finance is tricky, pensions are even trickier – throw technology into the mix and you could have yourself tied up over tax relief or treading water with tech-speak. But how much do your customers REALLY want to know?

What might seem important to you can easily be lost on your customers if they’re submerged in jargon. We understand the rules and regs, we get the UFPLS’s and the GMPs, we know your Linux system is fabulous, but sometimes providing too much technical detail is a sure-fire way to switch your customers off.

We’ll translate it into language your customers will not only understand, but that will help them quickly identify the benefits you’ll bring them.

Content creation

We have oceans of experience developing operational and statutory communications, working on regulatory projects, system changes and crisis communications - where providing a careful balance of information is crucial. Equally, we've created a diverse multitude of sales and engagement-driven marketing material with proven success. 

We realise it's not always possible to create all the communications you'd like, after all, you're restrained by budgets as much as the rest of us. We'll get to know you and what you are hoping to achieve, immersing ourselves in your vision and culture and providing you with plans which focus on the basics - what you NEED, the standards - what you WANT and the full works - what you DESIRE.

Web content

Articles and blogs

Social media campaigns

Email and mail campaigns

Promotional material

Technical and user guides



Matt Dodds

Sometimes you don't know exactly what you need, and sometimes you aren't sure how to achieve it. Karen steps in with experience and creativity to deliver both. From understanding and planning campaigns, creating clear content through to executing go to market strategy, she is an expert who makes any team stronger at every stage of the marketing journey.

Matt Dodds
Director, ITM
Danielle Baker

I have been working with Karen since the start of the year. Focussing upon the PPI’s marketing plan for the year. Karen assisted with prioritising, expanding on and suggesting new ideas and then structuring. What helped immensely was Karen’s solid understanding of the organisation prior to us meeting. Every business has unique challenges and we are no different, Karen had a full appreciation of what was unique to us and had researched us thoroughly and very much tailored the training with this in mind. She provided clear and concise ideas, supporting papers and guidance with setting effective performance indicators. It really was helpful working with Karen and enjoyable too and I hope to work with her again in the near future. I would highly recommend Karen and Untamed Marketing her approach is unique and she is very easy to work with.

Danielle Baker
Head of Membership & External Engagement, PPI
Ask questions, bounce ideas or talk specifics - we're all ears.