Black Friday Offer

Power planning session

It's that time of year... not only is it Black Friday, but most companies are knee-deep in planning for 2021. Our Black Friday offer will help you combine the two!

Marketing is at the epicentre of your business growth. Covering all elements of your products & services - both externally and internally. You can use the 7P's of marketing  as a foundation for building your strategy. But, you should have a robust marketing plan to launch your business into next year.

If you'd like some expert help at a bargain Black Friday price - look no further!

We're offering a 2-hour mini workshop and an outline marketing plan for a bargain price of £500! That's a huge 50% off.

Numbers are limited and it's strictly first come, first served. 

What's included in your Black Friday offer...

1 - high level marketing plan

2 - hour mini workshop

3 - focus areas

Make the most of your power planning session

There's a limit to how deep we can dive into your business in a 2-hour session. So, pick 3 key areas you'd like to focus on, send us your inquiry and we'll book you in!

Our handy list of the usual things you'd find in a marketing plan might give you some ideas. Perhaps you have something completely different in mind, and that's cool too - just let us know. 

  • Setting goals - translating business objectives into marketing goals
  • Understanding your audience - going deeper than demographics
  • Refining your messaging - creating clarity and consistency
  • Developing strategy - knowing your overall approach
  • Selecting tactics - deciding exactly which channels are best for you
  • Utilising budget - getting the best bang for your marketing buck
  • Timings - maintaining a presence throughout the year and ramping up to support your key events
  • Monitoring and control - putting key metrics and check points in place 

Sorry, it looks like you missed the boat on this pretty awesome Black Friday offer. You don't have to wait until next year though. Just drop us a line and we can have a chat about any of your pension marketing needs.

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