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Welcome to Untamed Consulting, the powerhouse collaboration between Shula PR and Policy and Untamed Marketing. A combination that brings unparalleled expertise in strategic market engagement, tailored specifically for pensions and wider financial services.  

About Us

Shula PR and Policy

A proven and impressive pedigree in strategic public relations, policy advocacy, and market engagement, Darren Philp, Founder of Shula PR and Policy has been at the forefront of navigating complex regulatory landscapes and crafting compelling narratives that drive change.

Untamed Marketing

Renowned for deep strategic excellence and innovative marketing tactics, Untamed Marketing has helped numerous businesses grow their brand presence and connect with their target audience in meaningful ways.

Our Services

Comprehensive PR and policy solutions

Proper strategic marketing

Innovative planning

Working with Untamed Consulting…

… you get:

Industry expertise: we’re seasoned pros with a deep understanding of pensions.

Strategic insight: we offer a uniquely holistic approach to market engagement. 

Proven results: we’re driven by measurable results and work hand in hand with clients to deliver them.

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Untamed: Where strategy meets creativity.